Does this remind you of someone? Each day your confidence continues to drain away and you feel that it is at its lowest point ever. You do not feel that your work is appreciated and you’ve reached the point where your passion for your work is gone. You’re tired of thinking about the things that… Read More

The wave of information technology (IT) incontinently rises, covering the world of business, swallowing the industry one by one. It has become an imperative to learn how to surf on this wave for all the ones who want to survive. Today, the largest part of American wealth and entrepreneurial potential is concentrated in the Silicon… Read More

Talking about the development and progress of a country, and not taking seriously into account the information technology that is galloping and advancing, covering the world of business, is unfounded and completely meaningless. Will we know how to surf at the upcoming wave of the IT world or will we let us be hanged and… Read More